What is Dramatherapy ?


“Dramatherapy is the application of creative medium to psychotherapy with the use of dramatic structures. It uses the potential of drama to help clients to gain their insights and explore their emotions and feelings, including working with problems they are encountering with. For others, it may be used to maintain their well-being and health.

Through its components of body awareness, role play, rhythm, and movement, it empowers the individual to communicate through creative channels other than verbal expression. Dramatherapy allows many forms of theatrical interventions as therapy including role-play, theatre games, group dynamic games, mime, sculpting, puppetry, transitional objects and other improvisation techniques.

Dramatherapy combines the aims and techniques of drama/theatre with those of psychotherapy to treat individuals in crisis and help those with special needs to expand their quality of life. Clients reflect and transform life experiences to the content of drama activities, express themselves throughout the process of creative enactments, explore the relationships formed in the work within therapeutic framework.”